Taking Care of Your Garden


Have you ever set your eyes on a lawn that you immediately fell in love with? Well, you are not the only one, since properly maintained lawns are quite eye catching. However, these lawns do not just appear overnight, they require a lot of effort. Here are a few factors to help you get that perfect lawn.

Mowing the lawn

You should have grass that is free of empty patches; try to cover empty gaps by planting grass to get an even spread. When it comes to the length of the grass, it should not be kept too long or short; there should be enough of it to maintain the process of photosynthesis which in turn keeps everything looking green, healthy, and fresh. The recommended length should be 3 inches or there about.


Water supports the process of growth and in hot weather; grass requires more water due to evaporation. In addition, the type of soil where the grass is grown will also determine how much water will be needed; some soil types tends to absorb and retain more water than others. Don’t water your lawns during the night to minimize the amount of bugs and fungus.

Fertilizers and chemical use

To avail useful nutrients in the soil, you might find it useful to add some fertilizers every once in a while, but if your grass is grown on grass rich soil this is not necessary. In lawns, weeds are usually a nuisance, to keep them out, always use an effective weed killer. You can always consult an expert for the right one to use.

Edge maintenance

Knowing how to take care of the edges of your lawn will give it a sharp look. Always ensure that the edges are properly trimmed or cut. You can also add to the aesthetic beauty of your lawn by planting flowers at the edge of the lawn, putting up a hedge, or whatever seems suitable to you.

Clearing the lawn off all debris

The lawn has to be kept free of all debris and this can be done easily using a rake. However, all these things are easier said than done, especially when you don’t have the time. Why not increase the value of your property by contracting professional garden services? Our garden services in Johannesburg are the best in South Africa and even more, our rates are very affordable. Our services include pruning, grass cutting, raking, weed control and much more. To get a free quote, simply contact us on 087 550 1936 and tell us what you need and leave the rest to us.

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